AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 10-IN SUPPORT


“High levels of social support predict longevity at least as reliably as healthy eating and regular exercise do, while low levels of social support are as damaging as high blood pressure.” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

We need to feel and perceive there are those in our lives who support us. In his Ted Talk, Adam Grant share insights into benefits of being a giver and that givers do not always come out ahead. He also shares that we have the trait to be a taker. There is a free quiz you can take on his website to see what percentage of each is natural to you!

How do we build skills to support others and be a receiver of support?

Awaken daily thinking who you can help today.

Smile at people wherever you are.

When you are having a rough day, stop and do something to help someone.


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