AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 3- EMOTIONS


“The first step in controlling emotions is to recognize that you have control over your emotions. The second step is to realize that you are not responsible for the cause of the emotion but rather for the management of the emotion.” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

There is a natural flow in our human system when we express our emotions in a healthy way instead of repressing them thus stopping this flow. We learn to hide emotions due to social norms in various settings throughout our lives. Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience teaches us there is an effect on our body and mind due to repression and expression of emotions. The key is to regulate the emotions that occur. What does this process look like?

Recognize you have control over your emotions.

We are responsible for the management of the emotion, not the cause.

Feel your emotions, talk about them or journal, making a decision to balance out the negative with what is going well and the feelings that arise.



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