Jul 28, 2020 • 28M

AgilEmpath Episode 3 Empathy & Virtual Implications

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Welcome to the AgilEmpath Podcast. With focus on empathetic agile methodologies in creative ways for team building. Our background in mental health counseling has provided us with knowledge of human behavior. Have you found yourself coaching a team, needing support to educate your members about soft skills? We offer techniques to manage conflict & stress, increase productivity & engagement, creating an enjoyable work & home environment with emotional intelligence. Schedule a complimentary consultation for life coaching, consulting work, training & development, keynote speaking inquiries, and organizational culture transformation planning: https://app.10to8.com/book/esdkcojjgbaocodtnx/
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With our current pandemic, organizations across industries have shown resilience to adapt work environments to mostly virtual.  We have lost the physical presence with one another, and the ability to show caring to one another through touch, & eye contact, including pats on the back and hugs. How do we connect with one another now? There is a new normal…

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