AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 11- EXPECT GREAT THINGS!


“Due to the mind-body connection, expectancy produces real, neurophysiological outcomes in your body. Research indicates that expecting your physical work. to bring about health benefits such as weight loss, for instance, brings about health benefits such as weight loss!” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

To better understand how expecting positive outcomes is effective, think about the placebo effect and how real that is. This can work in the opposite direction if we are expecting the worst outcome being overcome with fear. Today we need to choose to follow love or fear. This is not easy, as fear may paralyzes us.

How do we foster an expectancy mindset?

Ask yourself “Do I expect myself to do well today?”

Analyze your thoughts to determine what you are expecting throughout the day.

Retrain your brain to expect the positive.