Oct 30, 2021 • 7M

AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 13- SPIRITUALITY

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Welcome to the AgilEmpath Podcast. With focus on empathetic agile methodologies in creative ways for team building. Our background in mental health counseling has provided us with knowledge of human behavior. Have you found yourself coaching a team, needing support to educate your members about soft skills? We offer techniques to manage conflict & stress, increase productivity & engagement, creating an enjoyable work & home environment with emotional intelligence.<br /><br />Creativity | Self Care | Empathy | Learning How to BE | Building Healthy Culture | Relationships | Storytelling | Innovation during times of stress | Teamwork | Connection | Community | Leading Teams with Agile Methods | Mental Health & Well-Being of the Team
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“spirituality is one of the key components associated with health and longevity. It can foster a strong sense of community, helping people feel that they live for something greater than themselves and thus greater than their problems. Where there is purpose, there is hope.” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

Positive Psychology studies people of faith along with Neurotheology. Andrew Newberg is a neuroscientist who studies the brain responding to people who have and do not have spiritual beliefs. This is fascinating to study.

How do we increase spirituality?

Choose to live in love.

Read about neurotheology to see what scientific research shows.

Study different religions and spiritualities.