Nov 2, 2020 • 42M

AgilEmpath Season 2-Diversity & Inclusion, Episode 5 Ending Mental Health Stigma with Karl Shallowhorn

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Welcome to the AgilEmpath Podcast. With focus on empathetic agile methodologies in creative ways for team building. Our background in mental health counseling has provided us with knowledge of human behavior. Have you found yourself coaching a team, needing support to educate your members about soft skills? We offer techniques to manage conflict & stress, increase productivity & engagement, creating an enjoyable work & home environment with emotional intelligence. Schedule a complimentary consultation for life coaching, consulting work, training & development, keynote speaking inquiries, and organizational culture transformation planning:
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Karl Shallowhorn is the President of Shallowhorn Consulting, LLC. He has a Master’s Degree in Student Personnel Administration from SUNY Buffalo State and is a New York State Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). Karl has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for over 19 years and has delivered well over 200 trainings, workshops and keynote addresses to diverse audiences across the U.S. He is a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is the author of Working on Wellness: A Practical Guide to Mental Health. Karl is the Chairperson of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, as well as serving on several other local and statewide Boards. He has received numerous awards for his advocacy efforts, including from the National Federation for Just Communities and the Buffalo Association of Black Social Workers.

"Leadership Through the Lens of the 12 Steps" is his newest book. Learn more here:

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