AgilEmpath Season 1 Soft Skills for Leaders; Episode 4 The Block of Jealousy How self-actualization breaks it up!


Humanity is socially distanced due to the COVID19 crisis, and suffering with a pre-existing pandemic of loneliness in our society. Prior to the shut-down of our nations, we were told by experts, ‘loneliness kills.’ We all need support, and this first needs to begin with ourselves. Why is jealousy a concern? When we are jealous of another person, we tell ourselves a story and that can lead us to act in irrational ways.

How do these principles apply to teams? It is the leadership’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment. This is fostered when the team observes a calm, confident leader who is not afraid to show vulnerability, and can make timely decisions when necessary. The team will follow the example of the leader, more than we realize. This emphasizes the importance of developing soft skills within our team, as this adds to our emotional intelligence as a whole. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consult. We have creative team building ZOOM trainings!