AgilEmpath Season 1 Soft Skills for Leaders; Episode 3 Empathy & Virtual Implications


With our current pandemic, organizations across industries have shown resilience to adapt work environments to mostly virtual. We have lost the physical presence with one another, and the ability to show caring to one another through touch, & eye contact, including pats on the back and hugs. How do we connect with one another now? There is a new normal that will define how we interact as a society in business, academia, within our communities and with family/friends socially. Research in multiple studies on well-being indicate connection with one another is key to life satisfaction. Our teams thrive with relational management, and leaders who are humble, open and committed. Human beings need to be heard, and validated with calm, confident leaders who connect, care and innovate with the change.

In this podcast, we share what empathy is, teach seven empathy healthy habits, and look at the limited research on internet usage and empathy and implications with our current virtual work/academic environment.
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