AgilEmpath Season 1 Soft Skills for Leaders; Episode 11- Leadership Skills Pt. 5 Negotiation Skills


Mirror Neurons
Scientists have identified a group of cells in the brain that could explain how we share another’s pleasure or pain in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. This area of the brain is active when we experience pain and when we observe when others experience pain. With higher empathy, the ACC region is more active!

With any situation, it’s effective to have a step by step guide to follow. The process of negotiation includes the following stages:

• Preparation
•When, Where, & with Whom to meet
•Limit the time of the meeting
•Gather the facts
•Know the rules of your organization
• Discussion-Each party presents their case
• Clarification of goals-without clarification, barriers will occur
• Negotiate towards a Win-Win outcome as the ultimate goal
•Alternative Strategies
• Agreement
•Open Mind
•Acceptable Solution
• Implementation of a course of action
•Course of action