Life Skills for Leadership, includes personal & professional development courses, with The Knoxville Happiness Coalition podcast on organizational development. The Life Betterment Through God coaching program provides professionals with skills to integrate all life areas with successful outcomes.

“Healthy Culture” is the golden standard of business ethics: with positive care for employees, customers, and investors/donors. We work on increasing happiness by communication skills building, through emotional intelligence.

From experience and education, I provide insightful and impactful courses to sharpen our skills. Let's be the best we can be and foster success in ourselves, our teams and organizations.

I currently teach personal & professional development courses for The University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning. In 2022 I led a board as president, for The Knoxville Association of Women Executives, with projects to amend by-laws, support a scholarship to a local university student, and acknowledge a notable woman in our community. I had served on the board for the 2 previous years, and currently am helping with transitioning and training for the current board in an immediate past president chair position. I am also on the advisory committee for the Oak Ridge Human Resources Alliance.

I am working on publishing my first workbook for teenagers, “Level Up Your Life: A Teenager's Guide to Essential Life Skills,” and have free video content for teens on Microsoft’s Take Lessons platform.

My expertise comes from a Masters degree in Counseling, Bachelor degree in Social Work, Certification to teach the Bible from Rhema Bible College & recent certification in Leadership & Management from Wharton Executive Education.

I have 30+ years experience with well-being initiatives, and am a retired Mental Health Therapist. I started my business in 2019, and have been coaching & training 4+ years.

My books, life coaching curriculum, presentations and classes offer tools for personal and professional development, fostering greater success in life.

Media Inquiries: Alexia is a She Source Expert!

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BONUS: I will continue to explore Mexico for retirement, as I maintain residency in East TN with my passion project, The Knoxville Happiness Coalition, 🍊GBO! My goal is to increase happiness where I live. My next journey and travel blog about Mexico 🇲🇽 will be May 2023!

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Alexia Georghiou

I train and coach individuals & teams to lead with impact & happiness. Clients include leaders in Tech, Human Resources, Engineers, Designers & Law Offices.