Happiness Habits; the key for increased engagement, productivity, and well-being.
ALEXIA | Executive Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

“Healthy Culture” is the golden standard of business ethics: with positive care for employees, customers, and investors/donors. We work on increasing happiness, communication skills building, and emotional intelligence training.

From My Desk:

I teach personal & professional development courses for The University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning. I am on the advisory committee for the Oak Ridge Human Resources Alliance, and an ambassador with The Fellowship, the world’s preeminent organizational culture masterclass. I served as president of the board for The Knoxville Association of Women Executives, leading projects to amend by-laws, award a scholarship to a local university student, and acknowledge a notable woman in our community.

My expertise comes from a Masters degree in Counseling, Bachelor degree in Social Work, Certification to teach the Bible from Rhema Bible College & recent certification in Leadership & Management from Wharton Executive Education.

I have 30+ years experience with well-being initiatives, and am a retired Mental Health Therapist.

July 2020 Knoxville Association of Women Executives

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November 2020 Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance

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Guess where I’m headed next March? I’ll be traveling to beautiful Costa Rica and delivering a session, Listening for Peace, at the Gross Global Happiness Summit.

Hosted at the United Nations-established University for Peace, this event convenes leaders in the field of happiness and well-being from around the globe to share thought leadership, engage in conversation and inspire incorporation of this material into your life, both personally and professionally.

Interested in joining me? https://bit.ly/GGG-2024


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Executive Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Trainer. Happiness Habits; the key for increased engagement, productivity, and well-being.