Happiness Habits; the key for increased engagement, productivity, and well-being.
ALEXIA | Executive Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Founder Knoxville Happiness Coalition | My newsletter will help you to be happier in your life. You will increase life satisfaction, find purpose, and increase your ability to understand yourself and others. What makes my offerings unique is I’m a retired mental health therapist and understand human behavior and people….why we do what we do…and what motivates us. I’ve seen people from all cultural and socio-economic walks of life take the mask off and tell me their secrets, their pain…all  to get help and get better.


“Healthy Culture” is the golden standard of business ethics: with positive care for employees, customers, and investors/donors. We work on increasing happiness, communication skills building, and emotional intelligence training.

I have 30+ years experience with well-being initiatives, and am a retired Mental Health Therapist.

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Executive Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Trainer | Founder Knoxville Happiness Coalition | I've taught 3000 students how to be happy. Happiness is not what we think... let me explain it clearly for you!