To BE is to Become

Art is to dream with daily choices, be in the moment, grasp realities of our past, and move forward to a future.

The complexities of being human include management of memories. Unpack them, reorganize them, sharpen them to be of use for today.

I found a way to embrace the happenings of life, [in time], to capture the moment, and create a functional memory to carry forward.

Just as a photograph brings emotion to surface…. a memory simmering allows us to savor the abundance of life.

Within each one of us is a treasure.

A season and moment to find cherishing, offering opportunistic moments; nourishment… watching my resilient tree flourish.

The ocean roars, waves crashing with a rhythmic breeze, brought to calm by the warmth of the sun.

Reflection of what was, what is, what will come; I wonder how I could determine the pathway ahead.

It is time to be home.
My values, my faith, my being…all that I am today in this capsule of Kairos.

I ponder… ‘in order to thrive, I must embrace today.’
The prompt to simply “BE” is one of significance.

I stood in an Arroyo, where an ocean of water could arrive with a sudden rainstorm in the desert.

This was the space to protect the life surrounding with a path of release. Sand that would not absorb the water, only allowing a flow.

We strive and we lack; the treasure of living life.

Thriving inducts us into a pathway with incessant learning, growing, lifting to be what we were created to be; relational beings.

I found ‘walking with,’ brought such joy, & presence; creating a receptacle of love.

I was kissed on the head, with breath of the wind swaying my hair; organic noises of excitement of ‘being with.’

Solace; life full of acceptance, kindness, & love.
Kairos, a time when conditions are right to accomplish a crucial action.

To BE is to become.
 ~Alexia Georghiou