The Artist Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity: Part Three

Blasting Through the Blocks

Blasting Through the Blocks

We were recently gifted with a live webinar with the author Julia Cameron, taking notes as she spoke. This is the final section of a three part series. In part one, we began with the morning pages that are an integral part of the daily pathway to creativity, and continued with The Artist Date. In September, we plan to attend The Gathering of the Creatives in Santa Fe, NM. During a pre-conference workshop, we will spend a day with the author in a writing workshop. Through the events of 2020, we have faced loss, change and disappointments. It is a challenging season where we have choices to make. Let’s make this the year of the comeback!

Part Three: Blasting Through the Blocks

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Is this due to fear of taking risks? With this exercise, we will write our anger, fears, & resentments regarding completing a piece of work. What are some of the thoughts we are having that are causing the procrastination? We will identify our ‘Believing Mirror,’ to vent our frustrations. This is someone who believes in us unconditionally who will listen to us without judgement or advice giving. When we read our resentments and fear to them, then we will experience a catharsis to propel forward without reservations.

Who is a safe believing mirror in your life? If you do not have one, how can you identify someone, ie. what attributes are you looking for?

If you vented your fears, resentments, or frustrations to your believing mirror, what was their response? How did you feel afterwards?

How were you able to move past your procrastinations into action with this process?


Trust the process. This is a form of meditation, doing something with the cloud of thoughts that arise through our consciousness relative to anything & everything. Traditional meditation calms us for the stress to go away. The morning pages nudge us into action. This is our place to expand our creative dreams. What do our pages say, and the voice of our inner critic? How does the believing mirror validate us? Where do the artist dates take us? This is a daily activity that expands our space within the universe to be who and what we were created to be in our fullness.

We recommend you share your experience with your morning pages weekly with others. These questions help facilitate a conversation. Contact us today at for more information on how to foster creativity through this team building communication tool for your organization.