The Artist Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity: Part 2

The Artist Date

The Artist Date

We were recently gifted with a live webinar with the author Julia Cameron, taking notes as she spoke. This is part two of a three part series. In part one, we began with the morning pages that are an integral part of the daily pathway to creativity, and continue with The Artist Date. In September, we plan to attend The Gathering of the Creatives in Santa Fe, NM. During a pre-conference workshop, we will spend a day with the author in a writing workshop. Through the events of 2020, we have faced loss, change and disappointments. It is a challenging season where we have choices to make. Let’s make this the year of the comeback!

Part Two: The Self Nurturing Artist Date

Experience a weekly solo expedition to do something that enchants you. This is meant to be festive, enjoyable to sense the kindness of the universe. When things seem too risky in life, let’s come to an awareness that the true risk is not trying new activities. Perhaps this includes visiting a children’s story, or our favorite pet store to visit a pet bunny. During quarantine, we can creatively find activities inside our home. This could include listening to a genre music we have never listened to before, a podcast we perceived as flaky in nature, make some soup, bake, or sketch. We are all creative and have somehow found ourselves blocked, fearful and intimidated. This is a pathway to awaken our creativity!

What did you do for your Artist Date this week?

How did you find yourself outside of your comfort zone?

What was that experience like?

What were the lessons learned, ie. takeaways?

In what ways was coming up with an idea a challenge?

Were you inspired by a specific person or event with your weekly artist date idea? Please share.

We recommend you share your experience with your morning pages weekly with others. These questions help facilitate a conversation. Contact us today at for more information on how to foster creativity through this team building communication tool for your organization.