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Authenticity & Vulnerability: 4 Minute Video: Life & Leadership Coaching Course

I introduce the concepts at the core of life coaching, answering what makes them core ingredients. Authenticity is who you are. Vulnerability is simple....let people get to know you. Simple concepts once we find clarity of focus. Both need a support system to execute. Putting together that support system is key to your success as a life coach & leader.

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Who is Your Support?

Your first step to authenticity and vulnerability is to develop a strong support system. This will take time to develop and a lot of investing in yourself. Before you step into Life Coaching practice, a strong support system is a requirement.

These are the first 2 steps to take to identify the core of a support system.

  1. Identify a Mentor. To find a Mentor, think about who you admire who is successful in their area of expertise as a Life Coach. Reach out to them. Be prepared with specifics to explain why you admire them. Is it an article they have written, a blog, podcast, YouTube video….etc. Be genuine with your approach. You are asking for their time which is valuable. How can they add value to your journey and why should they? Those established in careers love to give back. You are not looking for a coach or therapist. This is the person who you will listen to, as they share their life experiences. You are purely learning from them.

  2. Find Your Life Coach. To find your Life Coach, interview 3 Life Coaches for 15 minutes each. It’s not about the questions you are asking. Ask yourself afterwards:

  • How do I feel?

  • Is it any different than before I spoke with them?

  • What did I pick up from them as a Life Coach?

    • Were the verbal and non-verbal cues congruent?

    • Did they answer my questions?

    • Were they empathetic?

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