Introduction to Leadership Coaching Series

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Every great leader has coaching strategies. In addition to the articles & podcast, I am now offering video curriculum from my coaching course for leaders. The content serves to develop both the coach and leader to communicate successfully, coaching employees & clients to navigating life at work, home and the community.

We are offering a free 14 day trial for the paid subscription.

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Thank you for your support. If you prefer to take the full course online now, with the 'Finding Happiness' PowerPoint for your use, preview and enroll HERE

Testimonies from live courses taught with The University of TN Center for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning:
  • Introduction to Life Coaching

“Alexia is an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor. Her insights and expertise made taking this class so enjoyable.”
  • Coaching Framework for the Creative Writer

“Alex Georghiou was so knowledgeable, friendly and she made the subject of writing fun! I actually took this course on my birthday! I have no regrets at all! I will be looking for this Instructor to teach MORE Writing Courses in which I'll be in attendance!!! Thank You UT for offering continuing education for Students like me that are older!”
  • Listening to Hear: Enhancing Communication Skills

“Alexia does a really good job. She is prepared and the classes I've taken by her have been good.”