Introducing New Series: Stress Management for a Good Night’s Sleep

Focus on sleep as it relates to anxiety management and mindfulness.

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Have you experienced disruption in your sleep due to ongoing stressors? Do you awaken feeling the stress? Is anxiety about life, and work affecting you and your sleep patterns? Would you like to implement a mindfulness exercise that has proven results to benefit your sleep with stress reduction?

  • Increasingly sleep all night awakening rested as you practice this mindfulness exercise.

  • Reduce anxieties with effective stress management techniques.

  • Understand the difference between stress and the biological stress response.

  • Learn what and when to let go.

  • Manage your stress so stress won't control you.

You would be surprised how many people are experiencing anxiety. Our personal and professional lives are being affected by real events that are causing us to feel stress. What can we do about this when there is nothing we can do about the stressor? How can we alleviate the anxiety? What are some proven methods to help us manage stress before bed? Is there a morning routine that can honor the sleep and speak to our rest?

We talk about this throughout the course with the goal of helping you sleep better! It is up to each one of us to take control of the stress in our lives so it will not control us.

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