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AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 9- HEALTHY STRESS

AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 9- HEALTHY STRESS

“Worrying about your stress will actually put your body into toxic stress, which will impact your mental and physical health.” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

We are stressed. This is a fact. The question to ask ourselves is do we see the glass half full or half empty? Optimism is key to having a healthy stress mindset. It is our decision to make daily how we perceive the situations that occur.

How do we foster a healthy stress mindset?

See stress as something that enhances our performance.

Reframe the situation as something you can handle.

Reach out to a family member or friend to talk it out and gain their perspective.

BE Mindful of how we perceive stress & make the change that is necessary!



Life Skills for Leadership
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