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Public Speaking: The Tips

Public Speaking: The Tips

The Tips

1. You are here because you have something to say.
a. Whether this is for speaking to your family, team, company, a large audience, place of

worship as a leader/guest speaker; you are here for a reason.
b. Do you get interrupted? Are you talked over?
c. The key to effective communication is listening and most people don’t know how.

i. Effective communicators listen to others first

  1. What is being said

  2. How it is being said

a. Non-verbal communication up to 93%

  1. Tone of voice

  2. Body language

2. Speaking is a skill
a. Anytime we have an opportunity to speak with others is practice

  1. Think about a zoom meeting

  2. A conversation with a stranger in public

  3. A customer service agent

Practice every time!

3. It’s for them
a. Be other minded

  1. What do you want/need to convey to others?

  2. How will they receive it?

  3. Connection is key

    1. Emotional connection with the audience

    2. Means they can relate somehow

4. We all have a story

a. Look at their non-verbal communication

  1. Are the arms crossed?

  2. Faces flushed?

  3. Shaking head

  4. Tapping foot

5. Tell your story

Ask them, what is the story you heard?

Psychodiagnostics tells us where they are at Adjust to their perception
Tell it another way

Remember public speaking is for them

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