Introduction to New Video Course

Travel & Residency in Mexico

Welcome to the course. In this quick lecture, I summarize the main points we will cover in the first 4 lectures for the course. Bonus lectures will be regularly added as I travel and the move to Mexico for retirement proceeds. This will include future lectures in buying property and what that process is like, with a focus on the solo person in mind.

I travel solo & light, often by foot or public transport. The places I stay are the best budget friendly spots, & clean with stable Wi-Fi. I eat everywhere the food is good… fancy or a family kitchen turned restaurant. Learn tips and tricks to travel in a way that is not as traditional, hear about my visa process for residency, how I protect my belongings while traveling, and how I am choosing the best bank for me. Take a look into my backpack to see what essentials to take, & what to leave behind. I am grateful to be in one piece since I ventured by bus from Houston to San Miguel de Allende. Doubly grateful to have returned safely, after I missed my connecting bus in MX, crossing by foot at the Laredo, TX border, missing my bus to Houston and subsequent flight home. Hear my story and learn from my mistakes and insights. Many expats drive into MX, & have a partner. What is my safety plan as a solo traveler going forward? Welcome!

This is specifically for: 

  • The solo individual who plans to move to Mexico either part or full time.

  • Budget minded travelers.

  • Those who walk & take public transport, or are interested in driving your own car into Mexico.

  • Those who want more information on healthcare in Mexico.

We focus on:

  • Safety

  • The Visa process

  • Packing lite

  • Healthcare

  • Transport

You will learn from my story & mistakes.

Bonus lectures will be added as my adventure continues! Future topics will include buying a property as a solo individual.

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