I have a dream.....

On year ago today!

I recently attended a Facebook live event with SARK and we were gifted the Dream Discovery by SARK. Thought I would share this with you, as it is a gift for all to dream today.

What has your life been like the past 12 months? One year ago, I was returning from Rio. Yeah this is me at Carnival 2020….

I bought a ticket from a local travel agent for the local section. A sweet family adopted me for the night, and we danced watching the parade together from the stands. We have no parade like this….it was amazing. What we do not hear about Carnival, is that the local people practice all year long to dance in the parade. Each samba school builds their float with costumes and choreography with at times, a political message. The mother danced bringing her costume with her to join us. At one point, a local asked to put the feathers on. We all proceeded to put it on taking photos. I know…not very sanitary considering our world today with the virus. The sense of acceptance that I felt with the locals was amazing. People danced, mostly drinking red bull to stay up. Ok, there may have been a little cocaine, as no one can dance samba like this all night with such energy. At 2am we took a break to eat pizza and the gal whose family I was with assumed I would choose coke zero. Yes, I said, as we communicated mostly with non-verbals and at times with google translate on our phones.

Carnival was cancelled for 2021. This is too bad, because the whole parade gives a sense of identity and meaning to the Brazilian population. I took public transport to get to the stadium seeing many locals carrying their costumes on the subway. They take great pride in their performance, and it is unreal how many people participate. This is heart felt and the Brazilians are very kind.

I watched the sun literally rise as I walked to find transport with the locals. All of the tourists had been whisked away by the coach buses by 4am. It was 6:30am, the trash filled the streets, and I trusted the family to put me in a white van full of locals to take me ‘home.’ There was the connection I experienced. Who would get in a white van in the middle of downtown Rio? I did, and it was all good…I trusted them. I got home safe filled with such positive memories.

One year ago. I remember this, as the remainder of 2020 included some of the most difficult and challenging months of my life. What came forth was the dream. One step at a time, I began to imagine freely calling myself an artist for the first time in my life. I have a dream….how about you? This is from my heart, to my being. It continues to unfold as I take brave bold steps into the unknown. Maybe I’m not so good at it, maybe it won’t go forth, maybe it will be what it will be. I choose to continue to walk ahead and dream. It is better than focusing on the realities of life constantly. I’m not talking about being an ostrich with it’s head in the sand. We just need balance. Reality with a dream.

So today, I encourage you to fill out this pdf, fostering your dream. Pin it up where you can see it! We credit SARK for the amazing creativity coaching. Today, I am a succulent wild woman, are you? And yes, you can be a succulent wild man. Dream on!

What is your dream?

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