BE with my ART to BE Event

  • Join us Friday September 10th, 2021 from noon-1pm EST for an hour of  reflective artistic expression.

  • We will be creating together. Do not worry about technique or form. Just BE with the paint/crayon/pencil/pen/brush and paper/canvas/cardboard....your choice...your life.

  • It's about the journey not the destination. 

  • I am taking some time to focus on art and will be midway through my process. Join me as I paint with acrylic, some with my hands, bristle brushes, and painter's foam brush.

  • There are no expectations. Only that we relax, find common space with one another and let what is in us arise to create what will BE.

  • This is part of the Engagement Stream that I started during the NOWWHAT?!2021 Spring Edition.

                                                                           JOIN HERE

"Art is to dream with daily choices, be in the moment, grasp the realities of our past, and move forward to a future."~Alexia