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Leadership strengths are qualities that help leaders to manage and motivate their team. This includes what motivates us and our decision making.One of …
According to a recent research study, 31% of Americans have been bullied as an adult.
Practical Exercises Everyone Can do Today To Create a Lasting Change
Implications with Organizational Culture & Outcomes Benefiting Bottom Line Earnings
AgilEmpath Season 3-The Resilient Mind; Episode 12- WILLPOWERListen now (3 min) | “Willpower is the mindset that allows us to persevere even if we do not feel like persevering.” ~Dr. Caroline Leaf Our routines ha…
The past 2 years have opened my eyes to new experiences with my research into Applied Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman’s theory of well-being has r…
An introduction to my upcoming book: Istoria
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